Our Concept

Birds of a feather really do flock together...

Welcome to Minds Alike, a game changer for meeting new people online. Our goal is to get you away from the computer and into the real world. There, you can share your interests and passions with like-minded people that you meet in our community.

We don’t want our members taking online dating too literally; staying online sending messages back and forth forever creating unrealistic expectations of the people you’re talking to but never meeting.

We want you to go from online dating to offline dating; if there is something special about the person you meet online, don’t waste time, go and find out what it is! This is the Minds Alike Challenge. Continue reading to learn more about our “Challenge” feature.

Our goal is to match you with members of our community who are on the same page as you, after all, great minds think alike. Getting together with like-minded people creates synergy, relaxing you and making the experience as intuitive and as natural as possible.

Creating memorable, relevant relationships

Creating moments through shared energy and excitement makes experiences and interactions with people memorable. Our method of matching members with like-minded people is focused on bringing people together in a more natural way ; the same way you’d meet new people at work, at university or at the gym. We match people on your shared interests and values not just on appearances.

Meeting people in a natural way

When people are in their natural environment, they feel more comfortable and confident. The beauty of our system is that when you’re already interested in what you’re doing, it takes the stress away when you decide to take the plunge and go on a first date to start your adventure. Even if there is no spark, at least you got to spend time doing something you love.

We want to give you a reason to meet and a reason to spend time together – when you share common interests with other people, through talking and sharing your affinities you exchange experiences, knowledge and you have the chance to learn new things.

We’re not just a dating site!

Whether you’re looking for friendship or you’re new to town and want to meet new people, Minds Alike is your golden ticket to finding like-minded people who share the same interests as you and gives you the opportunity to form a lasting bond with them.

In fact, we have everything you’d look for removing the need to be on several niche "interest based" dating sites. It’s all combined here! Apart from your own personal interests & passions you can be more specific and be matched with i.e. Single parents, Farmers, Sport & Fitness people, Food lovers, Christian daters, Gay/Lesbians etc.

Your journey is in your hands so take the Challenge!

We want you to be proactive, outgoing and to take initiative – use our Challenge feature to start an adventure!

Imagine your life three months from now - skydiving, jazz music, bookshops, travelling - if you can dream it, we’re sure you can find other people who share your passion for it on Minds Alike!

The Challenges – “Share your passion”

Let's share our passion!

The Challenge feature is what separates us from our competition. Our goal is to get rid of mundane first dates and with just one click you can invite someone out based on their interests – A quick and fun way to connect!

The feature gives you the opportunity to invite other members to share the interests you love , the passions you crave and the things in life that really define who you are. Whether your affinity is for golf, the opera, pottery or a range of different topics, activities and interests, your first meeting is guaranteed to be meaningful and enjoyable by ensuring you do something you’re both excited about!

The Minds Alike database includes an abundance of active interests including all kinds of sporting activities such as surfing, exercise and fitness, motor sports and ball games. We also cater for cultural and intellectual interests from literature, travel and art to business and educational topics.

We’ll do the hard work for you and provide you with quality, relevant matches. All you need to do is challenge members to real life dates, sharing your real life passions.

We’ve created intuitive messaging tools

To help you, we’ve done away with traditional methods of inbox, outbox styles of communication and developed a more instinctive, recognisable system. Our communication system works like instant chat; integrating your Messages and Challenges for easier access to all of your interactions.

The Minds Alike concept is different - Take the challenge and be part of this dynamic community.

Adventure is waiting for you!

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