Writing your first message to him

Thomas Wiborg Steen | August 27, 2014 at 08:28

So, you’ve received a match and want to take the next step and send a personal message. You’ve already got a great advantage, because on Minds Alike, you can actually see what he likes and what his interests are, and can tailor your message to suit. Chances are you’ve been matched as a result of a shared interest so you already have a great place to start! So, here are a few tips for writing the first message to him.

The First Step

A lot of women feel it should be the man who takes the initiative. That’s very often the case in the club, but you would be surprised what effect it has, for you to be the first to grab the pen and start writing. Men love to be surprised, so taking the first step and writing to that knight in the shining armor, is often all it takes to get the momentum started.

Don’t write a novel

So, girls love words but that doesn’t necessarily work with the men. Start with a brief introduction and try not to tell him your life story straight away! Us men can get overwhelmed quite easily so keep it simple.

Write like you’re talking

“Hello, my name is Emily, I’m 30 and live in Newcastle, I like my horse and I go to fitness everyday and work at a bank. If you’re interested, please write to me”.

You wouldn’t start off like that if you met him at the club would you? So don’t do it online. Write as if you’re sitting with him, write a few lines about yourself, and preferably about some of the things you have in common.

Make it easy to answer

After you’ve introduced yourself and shown some interest in his profile, don’t forget to give him a few questions as well, but make it easy to answer. Give him some interesting facts about yourself, and put in 2-3 questions. Remember, you don’t make it an interrogation like: “How many kids do you want?”, “You don’t drink beer everyday, do you?”, “Do you have big “hands”? – Don’t scare him away!

Be confident

Most men like confident women, so don’t end your letter with: “So I hope that you like me, I like you, so hopefully you would consider writing to me, please!” Remember, you’ve taken the initiative, so you’re already one step ahead. So better finish off with something like, “Looking forward to hearing from you”.

So, now it’s your turn to start writing! I won’t promise you’ll to catch George Clooney right away, but follow these tips, and you should improve your chances of getting your fairy tale guy!

Be persistent, all guys might not answer, but hang in there, eventually the right one will! If he doesn’t answer, it’s his loss, not yours!

Good luck with your adventurous dating experiences on Minds Alike!

From all of us at Minds Alike.

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