Photo guidelines

Mie Olsen | August 29, 2014 at 11:14

Profiles with photos receive more attention, messages and challenges than those without.

We've put together some brief guidelines for uploading a great profile picture that will be approved by our moderators and your matches.

The do’s:

Focus on your face – It’s the first thing that people see when they meet you in person, so it should be the focus of your images. A picture that clearly shows your face can go a long way in helping you get messages, get challenged and meeting new people.

Make sure only you are in the picture – Group pictures are great for Facebook, but not for a dating profile. A visitor to your profile doesn’t want to spend time picking you out of a crowd when they’ve picked your dating profile out of the thousands that are online.

Make sure it is a realistic photo that represents what you look like now – You might have looked great at that festival in 2009, but that image might not best represent what you look like today. Pick a recent picture so the person clicking on your profile knows what you look like today.

Ensure your photo is not turned upside down or turned 180 degrees

The don’ts:

No nudity! – When you’re looking for love and long term dating, nudity isn’t what you want to see on somebodies profile picture. Not only that, your picture show up in the matched results and could be offensive to some users.

Do not use cartoons – Cartoons, caricatures or computer-generated images do not represent what you look like. Members want to see what you look like, not which cartoon character best represents your personality.

Do not show children in your picture – We don’t accept pictures with children in them on Minds Alike. If you’d like to use an image that has children on it, you’ll have to crop them out when you edit the photo.

Do not use an unrecognisable image – A blurry, out of focus photo won’t best show what you look like. Try to find a photo that is good quality and of a good size to fill your profiles image bubbles.


Our research shows that profiles with a photo (especially having more photos in your photo album) get 11 times more attention - So don't miss out!

We individually approve all photos used on Minds Alike so to ensure your photo is approved, follow the above guidelines.

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