How do I get matched?

Peter Kristensen | September 2, 2014 at 06:43


The Minds Alike Philosophy - Relevant Matches!

The Minds Alike philosophy is to provide you with relevant matches and more meaningful dates. We aim to provide an innovative portal that offers opportunities for relevant, activity based dating through shared interests & passions, while also providing a place where you can develop new friendships!

The Minds Alike database includes an abundance of active interests including all kinds of sporting activities such as surfing, exercise and fitness, motor sports and ball games. We also cater for cultural and intellectual interests from literature, travel and art to business and educational topics.

In fact, we have everything you’d look for removing the need to be on several niche "interest based" dating sites. It’s all combined here!  Apart from your own personal interests & passions you can be more specific and be matched with i.e. Single parents, Farmers, Sport & Fitness people, Food lovers, Christian daters, Gay/Lesbians etc.

Our goal is to match you with members of our community who are on the same page as you - after all, great minds think alike. Getting together with like-minded people creates synergy, relaxing you and making the experience as intuitive and as natural as possible.

Our objective is to help you find whoever or whatever you’re looking for in somebody that shares your passion for things. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for romance, friendship or just to flirt; you’ll find members in our community who share your affinity and understanding for pretty much anything.

The point is to ask yourself: What are you passionate or interested in that you would like to share with a new partner or friend?

You have to include the things you love, the passions you crave and the things in life that really define who you are when creating your Minds Alike profile. Whether your passion is for golf, the opera, pottery or a range of different topics, activities and interests.

Is it a sporty activity like surfing or football, or is it something less outdoorsy like literature, poetry or maybe you are a passionate art collector?

Whatever it is, these things are a big part of your life, which is why you naturally bring them with you into a relationship, whether it’s platonic or romantic.

How do I get matched?

Our database of interests and activities includes almost all of the most common things people are interested in, and it’s forever being added to – you can choose between sporting activities to travelling and intellectual sharing. Even If you can’t find exactly what you’re interested in, try and search for other words or synonyms that might still explain it. We’re sure there is something in there that’ll explain it.

Fill in at least one interest, but if you can fill in all three options, you’re likely to get matched more often.

Add a comment to your interests/passions

Let people know why you enjoy it or why you would like to explore it. You can add your comments by going to "My Interests" in your Profile Settings.

Whenever there is an exact match you can see this highlighted with the green banner on another member’s profile.