First date tips

Mie Olsen | August 27, 2014 at 11:40

First dates are exciting and sometimes an intimidating situation to be in. Try the below tips to help ease into your first date seamlessly.

Share your interests
Be creative and use your interest as the date’s theme to help create genuine conversation over something you both are mutual about?? Sounds strange. This is a great way to ease the nerves and create a relaxing atmosphere.

Always turn up on time
Give yourself plenty of time to get to the venue and do some research before you go, so you can be prepared for traffic or challenging parking. Never leave a date waiting and make an effort to arrive a little earlier.

Be your best self
Put in effort to look impressive and remember to always put your best foot forward.  Your best self is all that anyone can ask for and you should assume this with confidence and self-assurance.

Make your date feel comfortable
Take an active role in creating engaging conversations and also balance this with active listening. Be sure not to interrupt or remain silent on dates, to keep up a good flow and good balance of conversation.

Maintain eye contact
Stay focused on your date, by maintaining eye contact to show interest and respect. 

Remember your manners
Always thank the other person for their time and company. Your manners will be highly welcomed and a little manners go a long way. Along with this, only use your phone if absolutely necessary on your date and be mindful of your alcohol intake, if any.

Be positive
Always maintain a positive attitude and never complain on a first date. Put effort into handling all challenging situations with humour or light heartedness, whilst remaining calm and collected.

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