Etiqutte tips

Mie Olsen | August 29, 2014 at 02:26

The Minds Alike community is built on respect. The best way you can show this is to ensure all your messages and challenges, whether wanted or unwanted are timely answered. Please remember:

It’s about respect
Please review all your matches thoughtfully and close communications if you are not interested, earlier rather than later. Be prepared for communications to be closed on you too and handle this with respect. The nature of this process is ongoing and it is important that you regard people’s wishes, as you too would like to be treated in the same manner.
Remain neutral
Remember to keep your tone neutral and to respect other people’s opinion to avoid being confrontational. Also, avoid controversial topics or sarcasm until you get to know someone better, to create a harmonious atmosphere.

Be authentic and genuine
We encourage honesty in your profile information, to encourage the right matches for you and others. You want to be your real self, so you can go on to have a real relationship with someone, who appreciates you for who you are.

Minimise messaging
At first, messaging is a great way to touch base with a match. However, remember that we want you to date and meet directly to engage. Use this community to go out on dates and avoid getting caught in messaging communication only.

Be consistent
Be conscious to show consistency across your online communications and social media platforms. We want you to represent yourself authentically and to show the same personality across different communities.

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