Dating basics

Mie Olsen | August 29, 2014 at 02:52

Dating Basics

Attracting the types of people you want or making sure your date turns into a successful relationship can be a fun and at times daunting process. There are no magic tricks or formulas to finding the right person, it’s really about natural Chemistry. So, whether you are new to dating, a serial dater or re-entering the dating scene, the tips below will help guide you through this process.

Be yourself
Being with a long term companion is about being your best self. So you want to make sure you are being yourself, as sustaining a false image or personality will eventually dilute, as the real you emerges. Find someone who appreciates you as you are, from what you wear, to how you present yourself, to your quirky habits. Dating shouldn’t require you to place any further pressure on yourself.

Surround yourself with a supportive network
Place yourself within groups of friends who encourage your situation in a positive way. Spend more time with couples or single friends, who share the same dating ambition or positive attitude towards relationships. Best to remove yourself from those negatively affecting your behaviour or outlook on dating. Also, we recommend to join a recreational club or group, to open up chances of finding someone like-minded

Get prepared
Prepare yourself to commit to dating wholeheartedly, as this will shape outcomes on your dates. Put some effort into knowing what you want, take an active interest in your date, and adopt a positive perspective, regardless of what the outcome is. Put your best foot forward.

Be realistic
Be realistic with your expectations and remember to review the whole package, as you would like others to view you. Map out what type of aesthetics and personalities complement you as a person and find someone you think you have a good chance of dating.
Understand what you are looking for
Ask yourself what your expectations are from the very beginning. What is your dating timeframe? Do you see yourself getting married within the next 3 years? What type of relationship or partner are you looking for? Work on understanding your relationship goals first and start dating accordingly.

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